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Darwin Lab’s is thrilled to announce its inclusion in Techcouver’s “1o Homegrown B.C. Startups to Watch in 2021“. Techcouver is Western Canada’s top tech publication, a hub of breaking news and cultivator of jobs and organizations in BC. Being selected by Techcouver is indeed an honour, and we thank Robert Lewis and the team at Techcouver for highlighting what Darwin Labs has already accomplished in its first year, and we are excited to share additional large, exciting developments in the coming weeks and months. From Techcouver:

Darwin Labs

Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vancouver’s Darwin Labs is a digital health innovation lab pioneering in the health & safety automation space. Darwin’s flagship product Clear360 includes mobile Covid-19 screening and notification tools, web-based management and visualization tools, and automated decision support to contain outbreaks at campuses and workplaces.

Founded by Ashish Anand, the Enterprise Health & Safety Automation startup has grown to 12 employees and struck partnerships with a potential reach over 10,000 clients in less than a year.

Robert Lewis, Techcouver, January 15, 2021

We are grateful for the recognition and hope that it increases awareness of our health & safety automation solution, Clear360, as we all work together towards a safer, new normal. Keeping employees healthy, both physically and mentally through a supportive and safe work environment are priorities for us as we work to help businesses stay safe, stay operational and avoid dangerous and costly shutdowns.

Techcouver was created by Robert Lewis, founder of TechVibes and a long-time tech journalist and supporter of innovative local tech talent and organizations, it was an honour to be included amongst other notable BC startups who are on their way to changing, leading – or creating, their industries.

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We are a Digital Health Innovation Lab

Our latest solution is Clear360 – Enterprise Health Management software. If you have a question, drop us a note.