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Darwin Labs Releases Clear360 Health Platform to Increase Safety for Back-to-School

Industry-leading Enterprise Health Management platform adapted to deliver screening, management, and monitoring for effective response to Covid-19 in Education sector

VANCOUVER, (August 12, 2020)  –   Vancouver-based Darwin Labs today announced trial availability of Clear360 — the company’s Enterprise Health Management solution — for schools and universities as they reopen in September amid the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Recognizing the vital role of education in the future of our society and children, Darwin Labs has diverted efforts from its under-development EHM platform to focus on schools. As a result, educators and school administrators can now use mobile health management technology to provide an additional layer of safety, reassurance and risk management while complementing the guidelines prescribed by regional governments, centres for disease control, and work safety authorities.

Initially conceived as a solution for medium-to large organizations and businesses to manage workplace illness, Darwin Labs’ Clear360 has expanded its initial focus to assist schools and universities get back to the task of educating. The platform includes mobile Covid-19 screening and notification tools, web-based management and visualization tools, and automated decision support to contain outbreaks.

“There is a critical need to continue the educational journey for students at all levels, even amid Covid-19. But there are precious few tools in the market which can help schools, colleges and universities mitigate risk,” said Darwin Labs co-founder and CEO Ashish Anand. “We’re committed to extending our technology to ensure that schools can re-open as safely as possible. And while Coronavirus may eventually subside, we certainly expect this market to recognize the long-term value of proactive health management enabled by digital technology such as ours.” 

Clear360 provides a private, secure dashboard for school administrators which flags emerging illnesses or exposures within the organization. This data is collected in realtime from tools including an easy-to-use health screening app for mobile devices. From a web-based control panel interface administrators can monitor, manage, and track health check-ins from staff and students. The platform surfaces the risk of outbreak among groups and facilitates containment of viral illness before it becomes widespread. Clear360 is being actively updated to conform with guidance from global health authorities.

Clear360 is available for evaluation by any educational institution via

About Clear360

Clear360 is a SaaS platform that helps organizations defend against the impacts of viral illnesses including Covid-19, created by Vancouver digital health foundry Darwin Labs. A leader in Enterprise Health Management, Clear360 is focused on yielding safer, healthier and more productive workplaces by enabling testing, tracing, monitoring, and illness management for workforces and their employers. For more information please visit or email

About Darwin Labs

Darwin Labs is a Vancouver-based digital health foundry focused on improving mental and physical wellness using advanced technologies. Founded by the builders of popular online services and B2B giants, Darwin Labs recently pivoted its technology platform to address the crisis stemming from Covid-19. For more information please visit the Darwin Labs website at or email

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