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Clear360 delivers the most comprehensive suite of infectious disease screening, monitoring, and management tools available to educators. Our mobile and web-based platform helps you navigate viral illnesses, including the current Covid-19 pandemic, while minimizing risk to students, teachers, staff, and their families. We help you react to the current crisis while also preparing for the next one.


Clear360 gives school administrators the tools to monitor the health status of every student, faculty & staff member, whether at the K-12, college or university level.


Daily mobile health check-ins help to prevent viral illness from reaching your doorstep.

Monitoring & Visualization

Realtime reporting to help surface emerging threats and illnesses among students & staff via innovative dashboard.


AI and rules-based logic allows for both automated and manual management of absence
or attendance

Regulatory Compliance

Alignment with rapidly evolving health and safety regulations, privacy laws, and employment standards.

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Learn why Darwin Labs is launching Clear360 for educational institutions, faculty, staff and students.

Complete Health Safety Solution for Education

Clear360 delivers a full-circle solution for managing staff and student wellness when faced with any viral illness, including Covid-19.

Mobile App

Students (or parents) & staff self-screen via daily mobile check-ins

Private Health Cloud

Manages, analyzes, and provides automated response to screening

Health Center Dashboard

Provides reporting and visualization of absences and emerging outbreaks at the classroom, school, and district level.

Privacy Comes Standard

You should never have to choose between Safety, Health & Privacy. Our transparent policies earn team trust.

Privacy Compliance

  • Clear360 meets (and exceeds) relevant health & private data regulations
  • Clear360 complies with regulatory guidance and employment standards

Data Stewardship

  • Minimal personal health data is collected and is never disclosed to third parties
  • Health data and insights are only shared with authorized administrators.

Anonymized Profiles

  • ClearIDs ensure identity is masked for day to day reporting
  • Names are only disclosed in the case of illness or absence

Data Sunset

  • Clear360 deletes all personally identifiable health data every 30 days
  • No location data is collected or stored

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