Keep Schools & Campuses Safe with Daily Health Screenings

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Ensuring daily health checks is the key to keeping educational institutions safe from health risks. Clear360 makes this requirement a breeze for administrators, while providing a real-time view of health and attendance.

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Learn why Darwin Labs is launching Clear360 for educational institutions, faculty, staff and students.

Complete Health Safety Solution for Education

Clear360 delivers a full-circle solution for managing staff and student wellness when faced with any viral illness, including Covid-19.

Mobile App

Students (or parents) & staff self-screen via daily mobile check-ins

Private Health Cloud

Manages, analyzes, and provides automated response to screening

Health Center Dashboard

Provides reporting and visualization of absences and emerging outbreaks at the classroom, school, and district level.

Best-in-Class Privacy Protections

You should never have to choose between Safety, Health & Privacy. Our transparent policies go above and beyond every industry standard.

Data Stewardship

Minimal personal health data is collected and is only shared with authorized administrators.

Anonymized Profiles

ClearIDs ensure names are masked and only disclosed in case of emergencies.

Privacy Compliance

Clear360 meets (and exceeds) health & private data regulations

Data Sunset

Clear360 deletes all personally identifiable health data every 30 days on a rolling basis.

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