Protect Utility Employees With Daily Health Screenings

Whether it is on site or in the field, public health agencies require all employees perform daily health checks. Clear360 saves valuable time by automating the daily screening process and ensures you stay compliant with health regulations.

Integrated Health + Safety To Keep Utilities Humming

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Together, Clear360 and Clevest provide a managed health monitoring solution for both remote workers and their entire organization. Our goal is to ensure your vital operations remain uninterrupted by illness while keeping employees and customers safe. Clear360 delivers a greater depth of accountability, empowerment and control over workplace health while maintaining a safe workplace.

Clear360 and Clevest are working together to support public utilities, and to ensure mobile workforces and their families are safe during Covid-19 and beyond. Health and wellness at work, wherever it may send them, have never been more important. We’ve developed a joint solution that is both easy to use and which delivers industry-leading health management and mobile workforce technology.

Check in from anywhere, even without a mobile device

Daily mobile check-ins provide key screening and communication in just a few seconds, enabling realtime screening and employee management functions.

These can stop viral illness from entering the workforce, or rapidly reveal an outbreak if it does.

Data kept secure in transit and at rest

With industry-compliant security standards & practises, your employees’ data is safeguarded against theft and intrusion. Employees can be confident their health data is secured and maintained only in the interest of furthering their health and safety.

  • Regular, independent security audits
  • 2FA Authentication

Manage team health on the go

Dashboard tools and management interfaces are accessible anywhere within or outside of the enterprise — allowing for secure, simple-to-use tools that can be used anywhere and on practically any device, without the need for a VPN.

  • Automated risk determination and alerting
  • Easily-configurable health risk management protocols
  • Customizable crisis management and screening process

Our joint solution has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of utilities and services like electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications. Clear360 + Clevest safely enables continuity of vital services in the utilities market, keeping workers, customers and their families safe and happy with uninterrupted, peerless service delivery.

Clear360 is Integrated seamlessly with Clevest’s pioneering Mobile WorkForce Management technology and is built to ensure safety, accountability and scaleable management of a vast team of employees — including remote, mobile and facilities-based workforces.

Clevest is synced with and supported by Clear360’s smartphone (for employees and administrators) and web app (for administrators) that provides daily health data, monitoring, automated containment, and crisis alerts & recommendations delivered in realtime.