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Clear360 is a Software-as-a-Service platform that helps organizations defend against the impacts of viral illness, including Covid-19. A leader in Enterprise Health Management, Clear360 is an all-in-one solution for safer, healthier and more productive workplaces.

Why Clear360?

Automate Pre-Arrival Health Screenings

A 5 second Daily Health Check-In can speed up arrival and entry at work, school or college by hours.

Make Smarter Decisions With Real-Time Health Data & Analytics

Get Instant Visibility into Health Status of Individuals, Groups, Teams & Locations

Know what’s happening with everyone’s health in your organization. See who is ill and needs to stay home, and who is well enough to enter.

Limit Access to Those Who Have Been Cleared of Symptoms

Powerful controls allow you to control those who need to isolate due to exposure, travel or symptoms of potentially infectious illness.

Trying to Get the whole organization synced to the latest guidelines is impossible

Or is it? Health guidelines from public health agencies keep changing based on realities on the ground. Clear360 operates with these guidelines and can be customized.

Send Private Messages from the Control Centre to Mobile Apps

Write a custom message or select one from the library, and hit send. You can even see if the recipient has read your message.


Clear360 helps HR and Operations teams monitor the health status of every team member, whether at the office or those working remotely.

Real-time Screening

Daily mobile health check-ins help to prevent viral illness from reaching your doorstep.

Monitoring & Visualization

Web-based dashboard provides detailed realtime reporting to help surface outbreaks and employee illnesses.


AI and rules-based logic allows for both automated and manual management of workforce attendance.

Regulatory Compliance

Alignment with rapidly evolving health and safety regulations, privacy laws, and employment standards.

Complete Enterprise Health Management Solution

Clear360 provides administrators with a complete solution to keep employees & workplaces safe from health risk.

Employee App

Allows you to easily monitor employee health & collect symptom data.

Private Health Cloud

Automatically analyzes employee submitted health data.

Health Centre for HR

Provides HR teams with a real time view of individual, team & organizational health risk.

Privacy Comes Standard

Employees should never have to choose between Safety, Health & Privacy. Our transparent policies earn team trust.

Privacy Compliance

  • Clear360 meets (and exceeds) relevant health & private data regulations
  • Clear360 complies with employment and human rights legislation

Data Stewardship

  • Least amount of personal health data is collected and never sold to third parties
  • Health data and insights are only shared with authorized HR administrators.

Anonymized Profiles

  • ClearIDs ensure employee identity is masked for day to day reporting
  • Employee names are only revealed if someone tests positive


  • Clear360 deletes all personally identifiable health data every 30 days
  • Non-work related location data is deleted immediately

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