Comply with COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Requirements

Clear360 helps HR & Safety teams easily implement vaccine and testing mandates and bring their organization into compliance with workplace safety regulations.

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Comply in 3 easy steps

Automate Policy Implementation and Compliance


Install Clear360

Setup and deploy in a few days. Employees onboard themselves in minutes.


Implement Mandates

Roll out mandates with a few clicks. Employees self-submit required details.


Comply With Regulations

Avoid costly fines and stay in compliance automatically as guidelines evolve.

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Clear360 can deliver a fully managed solution which includes COVID-19 Test kits, Management Software and an on-site testing service

Quickly Capture, Track & Manage Everyone’s Vaccination Status

Collect Proof of Vaccination from Employees Automatically

Employees can directly submit their proof of vaccination using the Clear360 Mobile App.

Review & Verify Employee Vaccination Records in Seconds

HR teams can ensure submitted vaccination records are valid with the help of an automated verification workflow.

Lower Corporate Liability by Obtaining Consent

We automatically gather informed consent from visitors and employees, giving you a record and rights to collect data.

Clear360 Employee Mobile App

Vaccination Records Automatically Convert into a Digital Health Pass

Free Employee Mobile App

The Clear360 employee mobile app creates a direct link between every employee and HR. Once verified, employee vaccination records transform into a mobile health pass for everyone who has met the mandate requirements.

Employee Mobile Self-onboarding

Clear360 is all about saving time for HR & Safety teams as well as employees. Everyone onboards themselves using the mobile app, making provisioning super simple.

Get Insights & Real-Time Reports

Stay informed with real-time alerts about health status changes and with reports providing analytics about work-readiness status, testing and vaccination rates.

Get Real-time Admin Alerts

Admins get alerted whenever someones health, test or vaccination status changes so they can respond immediately.

Deploy a Fully Managed Testing Program for Non-Vaccinated Employees

Quickly Determine Who Needs to be Tested

Save money by creating cohorts and testing only those employees who haven’t provided proof of vaccination.

Everything in one place. At last.

Securely Collect, Organize, Track and Manage Employee Test Results


Import From a Lab

Instant test from labs means everyone gets back to work faster


Upload Bulk Results

Save time by uploading test results files directly into Clear360


Submitted Results

Employees can submit test results directly from the free mobile app


Lab Integration

Clear360 will soon be able to integrate directly with your testing lab

Send Test Results to Employees

Reduce employee anxiety by using Clear360’s standardized message templates to quickly send test results as soon as they arrive.

Push Notifications

Employees get instant mobile notifications


Send bulk notifications via SMS


Notify employees via regular email

Triage Employees Based on their Health Risk

Set up rule-based triage to identify high risk employees and limit their access to the workplace.

Clear Negative Employees

Allow employees with a negative test to enter the workplace

Isolate Positive Employees

Limit access for employees who test positive until they are safe

Get a Verified Compliance Certificate

Avoid costly fines with an independently validated certificate of compliance with US Dept of Labor & OSHA workplace safety regulations.


Always Stay in Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring you are adhering to guidelines is a complex, time-consuming and costly endeavour. As the rules evolve, this challenge becomes even more difficult. Clear360 streamlines all common workflows to ensure you are always in compliance with OSHA & Department of Labor guidelines.

Put Compliance on Autopilot

Adapt to changing regulations with the Clear360 policy engine

Maintain an Audit Trail

Clear360 keeps a record of all activity in case you are audited or for legal purposes.

Customize Data Retention

You determine how long your data is retained.

Keep Your Employee Health Data Private and Secure

Clear360 offers best-in-class privacy protections which go above and beyond industry standards. Employees can be confident their health data is used only in the interest of furthering their health and safety.

  • Privacy Legislation Compliance
  • Clear IDs for Employees
  • Minimal PII Collection
  • Customized Data Retention Period
  • Private Data Sunset (Auto-flushed)

At Clear360, the safety of your employee health data is a top priority. We conform to the following data security standards: HIPAA, NIST, PIPEDA, PIPA. Our hosting infrastructure supports SAS 70 Type II, ISO 27001 standards.

  • Data Encrypted at Rest and in Transit
  • Regular Data Security Audits
  • Hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  • 2FA for Web Admin logins
  • Biometric & Pin used in Mobile Apps

As per federal requirements in Canada and USA, Clear360 ensures all employee health data is stored and resides in the data centers which match your domicile. 

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