Safer Campuses & Workplaces Through Automation

Clear360 helps HR, Safety, Risk and Operations teams reduce health risks, automate hundreds of manual tasks and provides real-time analytics into everyone's health status.

Daily Employee Health Checks, Solved

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Public health agencies require all employees perform daily health checks. Clear360 saves valuable time by automating the daily screening process and ensures you stay compliant with health regulations.

Clear360: End-to-End Health Management

A Smarter Health Safety Solution

For HR teams and Administrators, ensuring operational safety has never been more challenging. One mistake can lead to an outbreak, a shutdown or catastrophic consequences for anyone with health vulnerabilities.

Clear360 is an innovative new health management solution which automates hundreds of tasks, reduces effort, saves valuable time, eliminates mistakes and lowers risk within schools, campuses & workplaces.

Screen for Symptoms

Perform regular health screenings of employees, students, faculty and visitors.

Track Visitors

Capture online visitor registrations & health declarations for public health.

Limit Capacity

Limit the number of people who are permitted on site at any one time.

Detect Outbreaks

Examine symptom patterns in reports which match clusters & outbreaks.

Test Individuals

Make it easy for individuals to get tested and report positive & negative results.

Triage Positive Cases

Isolate positive individuals and monitor their symptoms until they recover.

Trace Individuals

Quickly determine who else may have had contact and be at risk of infection.

Respond to Crises

Establish and execute a crisis response plan as per established safety protocols.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with all health, employment & data privacy regulations.

How the Clear360 Visitor Health Declaration Solution Works

Scan QR Code

Visitors use their mobile phone to scan a QR code when they arrive at your place of business.

Complete Form

Visitors are taken to a unique web form and enter their contact details for contact tracing purposes.

Visitors Get Cleared

Visitors information is saved and a clearance badge is provided so visitor can safely enter.

Report is Available

Visitors contact details, date and time of visit are available for public health contact tracing purposes.

Making Your Organization Safer Just Got A Lot Easier

Administrators, HR Personnel and Safety Officers in organizations are working tirelessly to keep everyone safe from virus-related health risks. Implementing health safety protocols and getting everyone to comply with rapidly

changing guidelines has been their biggest challenge. Until now. Clear360 is a turnkey health safety solution which pre-screens individuals, detects emerging outbreaks and helps respond to health crises if they occur.

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Make Smarter Decisions With Real-Time Health Data & Analytics

Get Instant Visibility into Health Status of Individuals, Groups, Teams & Locations

Know what’s happening with everyone’s health in your organization. See who is ill and needs to stay home, and who is well enough to enter.

Limit Access to Those Who Have Been Cleared of Symptoms

Powerful controls allow you to control those who need to isolate due to exposure, travel or symptoms of potentially infectious illness.

Trying to Get the whole organization synced to the latest guidelines is impossible

Or is it? Health guidelines from public health agencies keep changing based on realities on the ground. Clear360 operates with these guidelines and can be customized.

Send Private Messages from the Control Centre to Mobile Apps

Write a custom message or select one from the library, and hit send. You can even see if the recipient has read your message.

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